Mission Nirmal Bangla is a transformational initiative of to render the State of West Bengal Open Defection Free (ODF) by October 2, 2019. Under this mission, the larger objectives are the following:

  • Reduction in child mortality and morbidity, overall mortality and morbidity by reducing chances of water borne and fecal brone diseases due to prevalence of open defecation;
  • Reduction in the loss of active workdays due to prevalence of diarrheal diseases among the wage seekers;
  • Reduction in the drop out of children, especially girls due to lack of appropriate toilet facilities in schools;
  • Improve overall cleanliness in the villages thereby contributing to improved environmental conditions.
Thus, the overall goal of the Mission will be to bring about positive changes in the physical quality of life in the villages by removing cleanliness, hygiene and elimination open defecation. In this initiative, development of community-managed solid and liquid management systems in the rural areas are sine qua non to improve overall cleanliness and environmental sanitation in the villages.

Program Summary

Asansol Municipal Corporation has laid special emphasis on the following:

  • Communication Needs Assessment by conducting baseline studies on
  • Awareness of importance of sanitation and hygiene
  • Attitude towards sanitation; motivation and demand for sanitation products and services
  • Generate interest and curiosity about Nirmal Bangla Mission through appropriate publicity campaign
  • Identifying key influences and forming City level task forces to drive behavioral change interventions for
  • Branding to create a buzz and pride in the mission
  • Messages by famous persons in AMC urging people to maintain cleanliness, construct toilets, maintain facilities, pictures, activities
  • Small group interactions with citizens, activists and NGOs, Women Organizations, , community clubs, colony/ apartment associations, religious groups etc.
  • Implementation of IEC (Information, Education & Communication) initiatives in line with the guidelines issued by the Government of West Bengal
  • Increase knowledge about sanitation, hygiene related products and services
  • Increase perceived importance of sanitation and hygiene practices
  • Provide knowledge and clarifications related to the scheme
  • Develop demand for sanitation products and services
  • Bring positive change in practice of behaviors related to Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Monitoring the effective implementation of promotion strategy and assessing the impact to inform changes in measures
  • Periodic review at the highest level